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What have the animals done for us? More than you might realise! Join your host, Olga from the mountains, as she uncovers the history of animals... and us.

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A fresh take on the world of animals

This is a really interesting podcast about the way that Homo sapiens have displaced billions animals. We’ve got a lot of power, but much of that depends directly on the animals we exploit. I love the friendly and environmentally conscientious tone of this podcast.


Very interesting guests

I love what Olga is creating here. Working in the conservation field I always love to discover new and interesting people and some of the guests she has had already are inspiring and very interesting. Keep up the good work!

Rob Wreglesworth

Even great for young kids

I was on a roadtrip with my little sister who would like to work in some field with animals some day. We couldn't find any that were basically for babies! Then I heard about Olga's podcast and am able to pass the feed onto my sister. She will be very excited. Especially for the Chimpanzee episode.

Chuck Wilde

About the Host

Olga Pavlovsky

Olga Pavlovsky


Olga is your host. Born in Moscow, raised in the UK and now living in the mountains of Andorra. Olga left behind her unfulfilling city life and started to understand just how much our own human lives depend on other species. This podcast is her way of sharing the journey with you.

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